All-on-4TM - A Cost Effective Option:

Most clinicians placing full implants, place 6-8 or more implants per arch. If you factor in the cost of each implant, related materials, the procedure, follow-on visits and excessive healing time-it's easy to see that the All-on-4 TM technique will be a savings relative to traditional implant treatments.

Teeth In One Day

All-on-4 is based on Nobel Biocare's pioneering Immediate Function™ capability that is specifically designed for people with dentures or in need of full upper and/or lower restorations. All-on-4 qualified patients receive four Implants and a full set of new replacement teeth per arch, usually in just one appointment (after the initial consultation). The major benefit to the All-on-4 procedure is how quickly dentures can be replaced with permanent Implants and fixed, non-removable, new replacement teeth.

EON Clinics is a leader in delivering Nobel Biocare's All-on-4 procedure for restoring a full arch of upper and/or lower teeth. Unlike other approaches that can use six, eight, or even more Implants per arch, and often involve bone grafting, EON Clinics uses this proven technique that involves only four specially placed Implants, without bone grafts, meaning lower costs and reduced healing time. And the success rate of All-on-4 is superior to more traditional approaches. The All-on-4 technique is FDA and CE approved, and can now be used in collaboration with NobelGuide™ planning software, also provided by EON Clinics

End result is a solid base to attach your new teeth that does not have to be removed. The procedure saves time and money all with minimal discomfort. We here at EON Clinics are excited to make the All-on-4 option available because we want to give you back your smile.

Patient needs:

All-on-4 teeth in one day procedure
  • An affordable attractive solution for missing teeth
  • Immediate function
  • Fixed prosthesis
  • A beautiful smile and renewed self confidence

Clinical situation:

  • Missing all natural teeth upper and/or lower arch
  • Suitable for any jaw bone quality and quantity
  • Improvement of quality of life

Read our All-on-4 FAQs and find the answers you seek.

Immediate Function™ Procedures

EON Clinics is among a few Dental Implant Centers in the region offering Nobel Biocare's Immediate Function procedures for replacing missing teeth. With the Immediate Function procedure, a high resolution 3D CT Scan is used with virtual planning software to plan and facilitate the design and fabrication of the final replacement teeth. This procedure is completed after the initial consultation with the patient and before the scheduled Implant placement itself.


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